Accountability GRoups

While we believe in the power of God's Word & prayer, we know that no man or woman can spiritually mature on their own. They need the power of God's people - His community - to help identify and unlock the need for integrity.

Our accountability groups are designed to help us to see that the truth is outside of ourselves as we recognize our strengths and weaknesses. It might take some time to gain & build trust, but as 3-4 broken disciples of Jesus come together, they remain humble, dependent upon one another, and trusting that the Holy Spirit will empower you toward discipleship & spiritual maturity.

Accountability groups meet either Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM or Friday evenings at 7:45 PM

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Membership (completing D100) is a prerequisite to joining an accountability group. If you're a member and are continuing with the discipleship training series or in a Bible study group, please share your information below.

Not a member? Learn more about Discipleship at New Community Church.