Membership & Discipleship

The gospel of Jesus Christ meets you where you are, unconditionally accepts you as you are, and we believe, ultimately leads you to be discipled.

God does accept us unconditionally where and as we are, but He also expects us to consciously commit to actively changing and following Him.

As a believer, the best way to pursue and learn how to follow Jesus Christ is through being discipled. We believe that allowing yourself to get equipped and trained (i.e. to be discipled) is critical to becoming a more mature disciple of Jesus. At New Community Church, the discipleship process starts with first deciding to commit to a local congregation through church membership and then continuing through a disciple-the-disciples model.

Our Beliefs & Process for Discipleship

Commitment Through Membership
Discipleship 100

Many ask what's the point of membership in a local church.

When Jesus called people to become His disciples, the first thing He asked for was their commitment (Matthew 4:18–22).  Thus, according to Scripture, a disciple needs to be committed to a local church body. Because the church is not an institution but a movement that should carry out the Great Commission, when disciples are committed to a local church, they'll grow in accountability, commitment, and be a part of carrying out the Great Commission.

Who is invited to membership at New Community Church?
  1. Anyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  2. Anyone looking for a church community (no matter how long they plan to live in Chicago) who wants to fulfill the Great Commission.
  3. Anyone wanting to become a mature disciple of Jesus Christ.

Understanding Humility & Service
Discipleship 200

The purpose of D200 is to help committed members of New Community Church take their first steps to becoming mature disciples through building humility.

Committing to a local church body alone isn't enough to follow the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Once disciples realize the extent of Christ’s lordship over their lives, they start learning about grace and their need to depend on Jesus Christ. As members grow in their commitment, they'll learn how to use their gifts, talents, and resources for God and better understand their limitations and maturity level in faith.

Some signs of humility are:
  1. Learning to share struggles with the church community and how to persevere through those struggles
  2. Evaluating one's own paradigm and worldview
  3. Allowing oneself to be trained to serve effectively

Understanding Who We Are & What God  Has Called Us to Be
Discipleship 300

In this stage of the discipleship process, disciples become more aware of the reasons for why they struggle when trying to follow God and begin to investigate and question the basis of the world views and presuppositions they grew up with.

As disciples of Jesus Christ discover and understand their limitations in serving God, often times they'll experience discouragement or even fall away from God. It's at these times, through Biblical counseling and mentorship, that disciples will learn who they are before God and understand how they've been uniquely made to serve. Growth at this level happens through counseling, mentorship, and being able to model from others who are mature in faith. 

Leading Through Empowerment
Discipleship 400

We believe empowerment is the final stage necessary for anyone seeking to become a mature disciple of Jesus Christ.

At this stage, a committed disciple learns how to discern, understand, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit despite his or her imperfections. As this happens, he or she becomes empowered to lead others effectively for the sake of God’s kingdom. Disciples also start to cherish following and fulfilling the will of God as the most important thing in their lives and gain an understanding of the mandate of their calling. 

DISCIPLESHIP 200 assessments



In order for one to minister successfully, it's important that we understand that God has created many personality types to build His church.
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According to the Myers-Briggs assessment, 16 personality types exist. Read the description for each personality type.
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Each Christian has at least one spiritual gift (some may have more) given by God to use for the benefit of the body of Christ.
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In addition to discovering our spiritual gifts, we also need to evaluate our life experiences that have shaped our motivations and passions to serve.
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